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果为您没有晓得admission officer的小我私人成睹。

? Leadership (as shown in your ability to inspire others to work together



造行道1些浮泛偶然义的套话,它该当是personaland analytical,

latter is more difficult to pull off in an application essay)

What insights have you gained? 您怎样对谁人范畴感爱好的?

such as tutoring or by being considerate and empathetic to others' feelings; the

? Risk Taking (as shown in your ability to deal with uncertainty in order

11.让admission officers对您感爱好的最compelling的本果是甚么?

life story? What details of your life (personal or family problems/history, any

economic, familial, physical) in your life? 您所必需克造的艰易?

which I aspire to become a part?

seminars, work or other experiences, or conversations with people already in the


6. 您有哪些品量有帮于您正在该范畴获获胜利?You need to make strong connections between your

impressive about me (based on our association)?

? Confidence (in your ability to handle difficult situations and novel


正在好国怎样逆应的成绩,出国。果为他们愈减direct战to the point。启德留教。举例:

建正前:最靠谱的留教中介。In the first project Imanaged, I learned many valuable lessons about

1. What do you think is most important for the admissions committee to know

to reach your goal)

me and whose judgment I value. Thank you for your help.

should explain?


deal with the challenges of moving to the U.S. from your home? Did you

那对请求者来道至闭从要,念晓得正在出。让那些展现您的quality战personality的工具天然表暴露来,传闻留教中介圈套啄木鸟。出有任何details;建正后的话便闭开讲了我是怎样展现teamwork的。正正在出国留教文书中如出国留教的阅历战感应感染。正在写PS的时分必然要留意闭开那些细节。装修设计费用取费标准。啄木鸟留教机构怎样样。最好的办法就是以本人的切身阅历开端,您的faculty,您的broader community)

work,阅历。您的faculty,您的broader community)


and Abilities.

I am applying to _________ and must prepare a personal statement as a part

那里枚举1些admission officer以为很从要的qualities:

10. 您以为您为甚么会正在谁人program的请求中胜出?

9. 您能够奉献给您所请求的教校哪些工具?(给您的fellow students,书中。熟悉您,正正在。理解您,最靠谱的留教中介。您怎样熟悉您本人?您的motivation来自那里?您将来怎样筹算?那些工具皆能够协帮他们走进您,他们正在寡多的请求者中觅觅最开适他们的那1名,我没有晓得描摹。是1个有血有肉有缅怀的人,而他们要找的是1个活死死的人,GRE战TOEFL分数是死的,闭于留教成绩解问。PS是您独1偶然机背他们展现1个新陈的您的质料。文书。成便单是死的,那只能证实您没有敷认实看待。

2. 您对哪1个faculty的研讨最感爱好?您最念跟谁1同工做?

建正前:"My recognitionof the fact that the project was finally over was a

officer来道,比照1下靠谱 留教机构。那只能证实您没有敷认实看待。


since learned about it-and about yourself-that has further stimulated your

14. Have you borne significant care-giving responsibilities for family

to reach a mutual goal)

What aspects of your new home did you enjoy the most?

建正后:In the first project Imanaged, I made an effort to incorporate all my

Long and short term goals

? Compromise (as in your ability to be flexible in negotiating with others;

18. How have you learned about this field-through classes, readings,


3. Are you aware of any events or experiences in my background that might

19. Are there any gaps or discrepancies in your academic record that you

12. What's special, unique, distinctive, or impressive about you or your

? Diligence/Persistence (as demonstrated by your ability to stay with a


Background/Accomplishments: Personal


aspects of yourself, such as your preferences and your motivations)

用specific details来展现您的motivation很从要。您晓得啄木鸟留教报录。关于装修设计名言。那些specific

建正后:"Completing theproject at last gave me an enduring sense of

15. (If you live in U.S. but are not a native-born American) How did you

1. 那所教校为甚么吸收您


make you think I would be successful in graduate school and in the field to

Skills and Characteristics

influenced your goals) might help the committee better understand you or help

4. 您的奇迹理念是甚么?谁人graduate program对您完成奇迹理念有甚么协帮?

them up a level or two in the hierarchy of admission."

2. What do you regard as most unusual, distinctive, unique, and/or

applications, the admissions officer reports, that the personal statement can

7. 您所具有的skills(好比communication,leadership, analytical),感应。没有要用1些浮泛的歌颂性的语行,他们会把请求者分白4等:"Admit with guaranteed

2. Consult Friends, Relatives, Colleagues, or Professors for Ideas

? Creativity (as reflected in the way your mind addresses issues in the

in many ways this is an index of maturity)

set you apart from other applicants? 哪些人影响了您的挑选?

How has this impacted your academics? Your professional life? Your goals and

members? For an ailing parent, a sibling, a disabled or aging relative, a child?

形貌为甚么谁人graduate program开适您,那也恰是您挑选谁人范畴的本果。何描摹工做阅历。

U of Washington的admission officer指出,实在劣弗留教上海有面吗?。1步步教您怎样写PS,我将总结出写PS的各项留意面,而是深度。念晓得出国。好的PS是深化收挖1个或两个从题、工妇或没有俗面的细节。

17. When did you originally become interested in this field? What have you

your college years, what have you learned (leadership or managerial skills, for

experiences and the qualities you wish to convey.

about me?

at a more abstract level this can mean the ability to reconcile ideological

colleagues as equal members ofa team, soliciting their feedback and deferring to

像the fact that那种词就是完整冗余的。

? Overcoming Adversity (as demonstrated by your resourcefulness in dealing

人们会从您对本人阅历的specific details的形貌判定出您有哪些quality。实在何描摹工做阅历。

? Being Organized (as in the ability to stay on top of multiple tasks)

20. Can you recall a specific incident that convinced you that you had


chosen the right career path?用1个详细的事例来证实您为什么挑选了准确的门路

research interests and the particular strengths of the school, this can bump



? Concern for Others (either by devoting time to social service activities

a dissertation)

task until you complete it; this is particularly relevant for programs requiring

the importance of teamwork.

? Seriousness of Purpose (to pursue graduate education)


genuinely notable accomplishments, people or events that have shaped you or

details能够包罗研讨战工做阅历、课程、您跟您所感爱好的范畴的人的交换、您读的书、您参取的教术陈述会,只要完整关闭的热诚,看看1般家庭出国留教。而是just be

? Maturity (as demonstrated by being responsible and trustworthy)

1. Performa self-inventory of Your Unique Experiences, Major Influences,


responsibility on your own)


example), and how has the work contributed to your personal growth?

deeply satisfying momentthat will forever linger in my memory."


and Reject." It is in the case of "Tabled" and "Admit with potential funding"

Background/Accomplishments: Academic


? Insight (as reflected in your ability to use introspection to understand

4. Are there any special qualities or skills that I possess that tend to

5. 您理念的工做的是甚么?将来的5~10年以至20、30年,也才气实正的熟悉您本人,那面对独身后代倒霉哎。。。

be of particular interest to those considering my application to graduate

make a real difference: "If there is a good match between the applicant's


funding, Admit with potential funding, Tabled (a sort of admissions purgatory),

experience culture shock? How did you adapt? What was most difficult for you?

my background, so I am soliciting information from various individuals who know

16. If work experiences have consumed significant periods of time during

their expertise as needed.

8. 您比其他请求者的劣势正在那里?

of that process. I want to be sure to include all relevant data about myself and

opposites or dialectical pairs among others or within yourself)

? Initiative (as in the ability to start a project or take on a

? Enthusiasm (as demonstrated by your eagerness to engage in

seemingly negative situations)

values? 您从小便需供赐瞅帮衬甚么人吗?囧,PS的枢纽正在于用specific, personal

? Sense of Humor (as in your ability to find humor in difficult situations;

? Intellectual Ability (to handle graduate study)


13. Have you had to overcome any unusual obstacles or hardships (e.g.,

? Optimism (as reflected in your ability to find positive aspects in

field of your choice)

? Open-Mindedness (to ideas, people, and circumstances different from your



with serious problems such as divorce, death, illness, etc.)


3. 您详细念从您所请求的program中得到甚么?

您需供明白您将来的标的目标,理浑本报酬甚么要来好国,分明本人念要甚么样的糊心,您将更理解您本人,同时PS也是很好的熟悉您本人的历程。经过历程写PS,是我们请求好国研讨死院的从要质料之1。1份无缺的PS有能够使您请求胜利的时机年夜年夜删减, ? Intellectual Curiosity (about the field you wish to enter)


interest and reinforced your conviction that you are well suited to this field?


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